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    • found-ol-o-gy  Noun  1: the creative study and re-purposing of serendipitously discovered objects that have been cast aside and are no longer being used as intended.

    This definition perfectly sums up my creative process.

    I've always been able to find beauty in the "not so beautiful", or value in "junk".   When I was a kid, I would collect rocks and think, "this one looks like a dog's face", or "this one looks like a rabbit".  So, I would get out my paints and markers and bring those features to life so others would recognize it too.  I sold dozens of "Pet Rocks" from a TV tray in my front yard to all the neighborhood kids when I was 10 years old.  They were all the rage....really!!
    I'm still looking at random objects the same way today.  A broken sea shell becomes a pendant, watch parts become earrings, old photos or maps are used in a piece of artwork that can be worn around your neck.
    Most of my finds happen purely by chance;  at thrift stores, flea markets, antique and salvage shops.  My husband, who happens to love attending auctions, is one of my best scouts, bringing me forgotten remnants from past generations, that now have a chance to live on in beautiful new creations.
    You will find anything from dominoes, watch parts, coins, nuts, bolts, and skeleton keys to items from nature like a leaf, flower petal, butterfly wing, or gemstone, in my collection of up-cycled accessories.
    I studied art at Bowling Green State University and business at Edison State.  Although, I never did become the interior designer I dreamed of being, I did dedicate myself full time to the raising of two beautiful girls, who are now successful and creative young adults.  They are my "quality control team".  If they approve, it's a go!
    I still have a major appreciation for the arts that reveals itself in some of the items I make; "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt showcased on a Scrabble Tile necklace, Van Gogh on a domino.  You may find professional photo art, framed and ready to wear, or maybe even an original (although amateur) snap by yours truly, adorning the front of an antique locket.
    The possibilities are endless, so when I'm not out gathering forgotten treasures (or working my regular job), I'm in my basement happy place, in our home perched above the Stillwater River, being serenaded by birdsong and tree frogs, while coaxing the "special" out of the ordinary to create accessories for you to wear and treasure.
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